Time to Act and End
Healthcare Worker Burnout

Now more than ever, burnout in health professionals cannot be ignored. According to a 2019 Washington Post article, more than half of healthcare workers report having felt burned out in their career.

As COVID-19 leaves no part of the world untouched, the increase in reliance on health professionals further exacerbates an already high level of burnout that has been ongoing for years.


Judgement-free Companion

As a private membership company founded and designed by a healthcare professional for healthcare professionals, Hope4Med offers a safe place to process the day-to-day, milestones, specific events, and unexpected occurrences without judgment.
Backed by evidence-based materials, Hope4Med’s approach enables healthcare professionals to successfully and efficiently navigate stressors. In addition, this member exclusive company enables willing healthcare professionals to upload and share narratives.


As a Member You Gain Access to:

1:1 Counseling Services

As a part of the membership, healthcare workers will receive access to monthly 30-minute 1:1 wellness checks with a licensed mental health counselor.

Group Therapy
Healthcare Professionals will be given the option to receive additional individual and group therapy sessions at discounted prices.
Enjoy Privacy
Health professionals may choose to connect with a therapist anywhere in his/her state and can opt to use a therapist with no affiliation to institutions the healthcare worker had or currently works with.


No judgement

Healthcare professionals can release their stress and talk through their struggles without fear of judgment or retribution.

Always available

This company aspires to destigmatize and make mental health services readily accessible to healthcare professionals.